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The reviews are in:

“I’m in the process of moving from writing speeches to being the guy on the stage keeping the audience engaged, so this book couldn’t have come at a better time. Can Mack really teach you how to start a career as a speaker? The answer is yes.”

Dain Dunston — Creative Director, Vernacular Inc.

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The Fast Track To Professional Speaking

You wouldn’t be visiting this page if you didn’t think you have what it takes to become a professional speaker. You know you have it in you, you know you’d love to share your unique message and personality, and that you have the drive to learn the tools to deliver it. You’d love to take the leap, but you don’t know where to start. In fact, you’d give anything for some practical advice and insight as to how to start on that road to an exciting, lucrative career as a professional speaker.

Instead of giving anything… how about the price of a muffin and a cappuccino?

You think I’m kidding? Think again.

The Internet has leveled the playing field for people who have skills to share, and experts in every field imaginable are eager to sell their expertise for the price of a fancy coffee. Why? Because instead of reaching dozens of people through networking or with a classified ad in a newspaper, they can reach millions on the Internet without investing thousands in expensive advertising.

That’s why I’m prepared to share with you all the knowledge and insights I acquired in my journey to my dream career. Now I travel the world and earn a fantastic income sharing my message with thousands of people every year.

Last year, before the end of March, I had performed in China, Canada, San Francisco, Orlando, and New York City, and I saw friends in every American city I visited! My clients not only paid me to visit my friends, they gave me a fat paycheck for having fun onstage for an hour!

The Fast Track can cut your learning
curve at least in half!

Probably even more than half. I wish I’d had the information I’m sharing when I first started out. It would have shaved years off my journey, and can get you onstage earning thousands a lot quicker than I did. Some people prefer to learn by turning the pages of a book, and others prefer to see and hear live demonstrations of what they’re eager to master. That’s why The Fast Track to Professional Speaking is available in both eBook and DVD form (and if you purchase the DVD, the eBook is included!).

The value is pretty amazing when you consider all the freebies and extras I’ve included. Just one example: I paid $125 for a complete list of speakers bureaus (it’s hard to find them all online unless you know exactly where to look), and of course it comes FREE with the eBook.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn

(Click the ‘Preview’ buttons below to see a video excerpt of that topic)
  • “Getting Started” describes (among a host of other things) the tools you’ll need to launch your quest, what kinds of speakers corporations and associations are hiring, and how to make your topic marketable. PREVIEW
  • In “Creating a Killer Speech” you’ll learn how to make a speech compelling even if you weren’t kidnapped by Somali pirates, won a Super Bowl or saved a Fortune 500 company from bankruptcy. PREVIEW
  • “Bozo or a Pro? How The Bureaus Know” can save you terrible embarrassment if you don’t know how speakers bureaus work. And of course you’ll get the key to finding every bureau worth working with. PREVIEW

You’ll also learn:

  • “'How to Be a FANTASTIC Speaker!” PREVIEW
  • "How To Get LAUGHS In a Speech" even if you're not a naturally funny person PREVIEW
  • “How to Videotape Your Speech: Great Tips from a Pro!” PREVIEW
  • "Using PowerPoint: Will You Score or Bore?" PREVIEW
  • “15 Ways to Book Speaking Engagements” -- proven resources to get you consistent bookings. PREVIEW
  • “How To Write a Speaking Contract” PREVIEW
  • And more than 30 tried and true techniques to "Slap the Crap Out of Stage Fright!" PREVIEW

How does $6.99 sound?

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DVD-3d-cutout-350Or if you’d like to see actual demonstrations of techniques and stage skills, get the DVD for only $29.95 + shipping and get the eBook absolutely FREE!

Or download the full video (5.56 GB) for only $24!

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