Some people seem to think that public speaking is like singing or gymnastics—you’re born with the right genes or you aren’t. What a pile of baloney!

Black man colorSome people are better suited to speaking than others, sure. But you show me someone who sincerely wants to improve his or her speaking skills, and I’ll show you someone who will not only improve their speaking skills but will become fantastic if they put in the necessary sweat equity.

I’d go so far as to guarantee it.

CU gestur public speakingIn my eBook, I admit that I was born with the Humor Gene and have been making people laugh all my life. So the bad news is that being funny can’t be taught; but the good news is that it can be coached.  Happily, so can public speaking.

If you’re willing to be coached, you can put yourself on The Fast Track to Being a Fantastic Speaker in a surprisingly short period of time.

Consider this: you might not be able to sing, or draw really well, or play the piano, or do a backflip dismount off the balance beam. But the chances are very good that you can speak, so you’ve already mastered the basic required skill.  Now you just have to be willing to be coached so you can maximize your impact on an audience doing what you already know how to do!

So why should you listen to me?  Well, forgive my lack of modesty, but I wouldn’t be making a six-figure income and traveling the world if I weren’t a fantastic speaker. I walk the walk and talk the talk, so I’m quite well qualified to teach you what you need to know.  Whether you have aspirations to make a career of speaking, or just want to improve your platform skills, with a couple of clicks you can be on your way.

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